Brussels Brill # 1048

This tram has quite a history. The car started as 1608 in Brussels. In 1965 it was rebuilt. Then in 1984 it became 1048, re-painted and sold to Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando, Florida. After that operation ended, it went to British Columbia Canada, and now to Oregon.

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Technical Information

  • Year Built: 1937
  • Builder: Atellier Metallurgiques de Nivelles
  • Last Operator: STIB (Brussels)
  • Car Type
  • Year Museum acquired: 2015
  • Common Name: Brussels Tram
  • Track Gauge: Standard
  • # of trucks/Wheels: Single Truck
  • Car Status: Near-Operational
  • Other Details:  Rebuilt in 1965, became 1048 in 1984