Milan Interurban # 96

Milan interurban car 96 has quite a storied history. Produced in Milan Italy in 1930 it was one of only 4 cars in a series. Car 96 was imported to San Francisco in 1986 for the historic “Muni Trolley” festival. Issaquah historical society purchased the interurban for restoration to be used on the Issaquah trolley. Soon the organization decided it did not fit their needs and offered for sale.

One of our members purchased the car at auction. It took 3 years, but the museum was finally able to move the car to the museum in December 2016. 

Seating for 36 passengers, double seats one side, single seats other side. Wt 62,831 lbs Propulsion 4 electric motors
45′ long, steel body construction, wood and canvas roof, center doors on both sides, train doors at each end, double-end operation
Designed for interurban use and served as a motor car to pull non-powered trailers

Technical Information

  • Car #: 96
  • Year Built: 1930
  • Builder:  
  • Last Operator: Milan
  • Car Type:  Interurban
  • Year Museum acquired:  2016
  • Common Name: Milan Car
  • Track Gauge: Standard
  • # of trucks/Wheels: 2 Trucks
  • Car Status: To be determined
  • Other details: