Trolley Bus 604

Trolley buses proved short term popular as cities starting converting their trolley systems to buses. Since the transit company had the overhead infrastructure, it wasn’t hard to add a second wire and convert a former trolley route to trolley bus.

For many riders this was probably an improvement as many trolley operations suffered from poor track maintenance. The trolley bus was quiet and smooth, without the noise and small of a diesel bus.

Trolley buses also prove superior on streets with steep hills. Two of the 5 remaining trolley bus systems in North America are in two very hilly cities, Seattle and San Francisco. These two cities both operate rather large trolley bus networks.

Trolley Bus #604 is from Seattle and operated there for about 30 years.

Technical Information

  • Car #: 604
  • Year Built: 1940
  • Builder: Twin Coach
  • Last Operator: Seattle Metro
  • Car Type:  Trolley Bus
  • Year Museum acquired:  
  • Common Name: Trolley-Bus
  • Track Gauge: N/A
  • # of trucks/Wheels: N/A
  • Car Status: Needs Restoration
  • Other details: