Bring a Milan Tram to Oregon


The OERHS has an unexpected opportunity  to trade our old generator and cart for 1931 Milan Interurban Trolley #96. 


The car needs restoration but is complete and the running gear is in good order.  While the current Oregon Electric Railway Museum collection is fairly representative of the history of streetcars, we have very few interurbans.  This car could help fill an important gap in the collection.  In addition, since this is a steel-bodied, standard gauge car with 33” wheels, it will work well at our operation.  

Our project manager has managed to secure a bid to move the car from Issaquah, Washington to the Oregon Electric Railway Museum at Brooks for approximately $4,500.  While this is an amazingly low price for moving a car of this size and weight, we still need your help to defray the cost of transporting this historic car.  Should funds be received that exceed the transportation cost, the remainder will be put into the Car Restoration Fund.   


While the Board and Officers work hard to get grants for projects, this is one of those instances where only donations will do.  Even if everyone gives only a little, every bit helps so give whatever you can.  Our tentative moving date is fast approaching so please join me by making a donation to this worthwhile endeavor.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  

There are two options for your donation, by mail, or via PayPal

By mail, send your check payable to the OERHS with Milan Car in the comment line to:

OERHS -Milan Car Project
3995 Brooklake Rd NE
 Brooks, OR  97303-9732



Donate Via PayPal

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