Equipment Collection

The Collection

The OERHS collection of railway equipment is very diverse telling the history of urban electric railways from around the world.

Portland is represented by 1903 streetcars, and 1932 streetcar, an Interurban, Express motor, and a Snow Sweeper (the oldest car in the collection).

The rest of the US collection represent the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, Tacoma, Seattle and Missoula.

Brussels, Belgium is well represented with 9 streetcars, some converted to work service. One car is a relatively modern PCC.

The rest of our international collection represent streetcars from Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, England & Italy.

The dates of or collection stretch from the 1890s thru 1977. 

Your fares and donations pay for the upkeep and restoration of this equipment.

Operable Streetcars

  • Car 48
  • Blackpool, England, Double-Decker

Oregon Streetcars in Restoration/Display

  • Car 503
  • Portland Council Crest Car

  • Car 506
  • Portland Council Crest Car

  • Car 813
  • Portland Broadway Master-Unit

The Brussels Collection

  • Car 19
  • Brussels Work/Sweeper

Other Streetcars in restoration/Display

  • Car 12
  • Hong Kong Double-Decker

  • Car 74
  • Fresno, CA Birney

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  • Car 326
  • Tacoma, WA Birney

  • Car 1118
  • San Francisco PCC

Work/Freight Electrics

Trolley Buses


  • MoW Equipment
  • Misc work equipment