San Francisco MUNI Boeing LRV # 1213

Car 1213 is a modern Light Rail Vehicle built for San Francisco. The helicopter division of Boeing built this car under contract with SF and Boston. These cars turned out to be overly complicated for a streetcar which led to their early retirement in SF (2001), and in Boston.

These LRV’s replaced the MUNI PCC’s. There are designed to operate on the surface using curbside loading, and in the MUNI-Metro subway with high-level platform loading. The stairs in the center of the car can be raised and lowered to switch between the subway and the street.

Car 1213 was originally built as car # 1221 for demonstration purposes. It is one of only 2 Boeing LRV’s to ever have trolley poles. In regular service it used Pantographs

This car does operate on occasion. Your fares and donations will help ensure it continues to operate




Car Facts

Year Built: 1977

Builder: Boeing-Vertol

Year Retired: 2001

Museum Acquired: 

Track Gauge: Standard


Status: Operational


Car # 1213 when it was in service in San Francisco: