San Francisco MUNI PCC # 1159

Car # 1159 is one of two former San Francisco MUNI PCC Cars the museum retains. This car was originally built for St. Louis Public Service as # 1726 before being sent to SF in 1957

PCC stands for Presidents Conference Committee which was in existence from 1928-34. It consisted of presidents of the different electric railroads from around the country. The idea was to create a unified design that could operate anywhere, be low cost and high volume manufactured.

These cars had high acceleration rates and were comfortable to ride. The PCC extended the streetcar lines longevity in the US by another 20 years. Over 5000 were built. PCC patents are still used today in some cities overseas.




Car Facts

Year Built: 1946

Builder: St. Louis Car Company

Year Retired:

Museum Acquired: 

Track Gauge: Standard


Status: Operational


Car # 1159 when it was in service in San Francisco: